8 Best Padel Rackets in 2022

8 Best Padel Rackets in 2022

Many youngsters play padel sport in the padel courts like on our indoor padel Dubai, but they do not know the best padel rackets. So, if you are looking for the best padel rackets containing all the top-class properties to enhance your game then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will take a look at the 8 best padel rackets in 2022. 

1. Bullpadel Hack 03

It is one of the finest Bullpadel rackets in 2022 which is specifically designed for attack players. It has a large diamond mold in addition to the slightly high balance to gain significant punch but without sacrificing control. A player can also adapt his balance according to his needs. This new pedal racket from Bullpadel has improved handling and stability characteristics, providing more control in hitting.

2. Babolat Veron Counter

The Babolat Veron Counter is one of the best padel rackets that has an exceptional mixture of speed and precision. This top-class racket is very stable with a large impact surface that gives the player a good advantage to return hard strokes from his opponent. It weighs 350 grams and its frame is made up of carbon while the impact surface is made of carbon flex. 

3. Babolat Air Viper

The new Juan Lebrón de Babolat racket has become one of Babolat’s best-selling padel rackets in 2022.  It is manufactured in the shape of a diamond and is quite easy to handle. The Babolat Air Viper has an X-EVA core that combines different densities to give bigger output on slow balls without losing power when hitting. It is purely made up of carbon and 16k fabric. 

4. Babolat Viper Counter

It is also one of the finest products of Babolat Rackets and its impact surface is made up of 3 layers of carbon. Babolat Viper Counter is a good padel racket with a lot of power. Its textured carbon impact surface gives explosiveness and excellent spin. It gives good control and weighs 365 grams. 

5. Drop Shot Kiwoko

The Drop Shot Kiwoko Padel Racket is a good choice for a beginner player. It has a big round head shape which gives a clean feel to every shot. This padel racket is made with EVA Soft Foam to lessen vibrations and it also has a weight of 350 grams so, that can handle it comfortably. 

6. Wilson Ultra Elite v2

The new Wilson Ultra Elite v2 is also one best padel rackets in 2022 and it is quite improved from its previous model. It has a large impact surface that generates a lot of speed. Although it is a diamond-shaped racket it has balance in the center, which gives better control to the player it weighs 361g and the impact surface is made up of Carbon fiberglass composite while the core is made of soft EVA foam. 

7. Dunlop Speed Ultra

The Dunlop Speed Ultra has good control with lots of spin weighting 365g. It has a textured impact surface made up of Pro Eva Core that gives the ball a spin if you hit it just right. It also has a graphite frame that makes the racket light and provides a nice balance between control and speed.

8. Adidas RX 200 Light

Adidas RX 200 Light is an excellent racket that is lightweight and very fast through the air. It has an even balance and gives you greater control over your shots. It weighs 355g and allows you to move quickly through the air. 


We hope that after reading our article, you will renew your old padel rackets with one of our recommendations. For more details, visit our website or book NOW your padel court!

What are the Padel terms you need to know?

What are the Padel terms you need to know?

Padel is a racket sport that is played in doubles, indoors or outdoors but professionally, it is played on a padel court. Players use a lot of completely different padel phrases. In this article, we will tell you what are the pedal phrases in the words you must need to know. 



Forehand is a groundstroke that is played by swinging the racket all around one’s physique with the hand moving palm-first in a panel court. The forehand is of two types a topspin forehand and a Flat forehand


it is a shot in which the palm is turned toward the body and the back of the hand moved in the direction of the shot. The two-hand backhand is a type of backhand that is played with two hands.


it is a shot that travels more or less parallel to and together with the aspect glass. This shot is shifting of the ball to the opponent’s side in which the projectile is sent parallel to the sideline of the court. 


It is a difficult, straight shot that is mostly played from mid-court to mid-court and is a fast, flat, powerful counter-attacking shot. Drive can be both a backhanded and forehanded shot and when it is played correctly, a player can force his opponent to hit an upward return.

Drop shot:

This shot is played with great technique and strategy. The player gently hits the ball just over the nets so that the opposition player cannot reach the ball and misses it. 


In Spanish, the word Bandeja means tray which is why the technique of the shot looks as if you have been holding just a few glasses on your racket. This is a difficult shot and you can watch videos on the Internet to see how to play Bandeja.  

Floor stroke: 

A stroke is made after the ball has bounced and touched the padel court.


a shot hit simply because the ball bounces. It is a strategically played shot on a very low bounce in the padel court


in a padel court, this is a shot that is hit above the hitter’s head and referred to as an overhead. This stroke can be hit with a big amount of force. 


The player hits the ball high and deep into the opponent’s court in this shot. In this shot, A Lob shot can be used both as an offensive or defensive shot.

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