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invest with US

invest with US

Investing with us and joining the Padel industry has many advantages for you! If you’re looking to add a distinguishing feature to your business or your personal property, padel courts are suitable for this mission.

Our courts are favorable for both professional use (as for sports clubs, tournaments, competitions) or amateur use (like schools, universities, real estates). A variety of other businesses, like hotels or property developers, seek to create for their customers an active and fun environment.

sustainable & safe courts

A padel court is supposed to last at least 20 years. Therefore we offer high-quality, safe, and sustainable padel courts. All our courts respect the official padel rules of the International Padel Federation as well as their safety standards.

We also offer firm padel courts with great persistence, thanks to high-quality materials and meticulous installation by our experienced technical team.

less space

A Tennis court is triple the size of a Padel court. The overall dimensions of the field are smaller than the tennis. The prescribed dimensions for a padel court are 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, and the playing field area is 200 m2.

Therefore, padel courts are more economical as you’ll invest in less space, and they are an ideal solution for your available capacity.

more customers

Even though the decrease in the field space, you’ll still earn more customers! Instead of getting a Tennis court, if you get 3 Padel courts, the number of players will increase from 2 or 4 players to 8 or 12 players.
The number of members will grow to include a wider variety of customers from adults and youth of all ages.
Besides, Padel is a global rising fun sport. This popular sport is suitable for everyone as it’s quite simple to play and not difficult physically!

Thus, profits from the investment in Padel is surprisingly high.

practical & aesthetic design

Our Panoramic Padel Court model is excellent as a central court and for exhibition matches.
The panoramic system offers a spectacular indoor and outdoor view for both players and spectators.
Also, our padel courts got designed for unique spaces with great attention to detail. Their spectacular design makes them flexible and ideal for this type of environment.

customisable features


The court structure can be customised to include your company’s logo or preferred text.

Reception Kiosk

Keep your staff cool and take bookings through our reception kiosk solutions which also doubles as a storage area to store equipment.


Install cameras to capture your customers’ best gameplay and share across your social media channels.


Spectators can look on while sitting on fully customised benches, which can include logos and reflect your chosen colour scheme.

Storage Units

Ensure your players have a safe, secure area to store their personal belongings while they play.

Hand Sanitisers

Provide your players with a clean environment, along with the best playing experience with fully customisable hand sanitisers.

invest with US