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1. Padel Vs tennis

As a game, it is very identical to tennis. yet, there are some small changes.

Court: Tennis court is triple the size of a padel court which is 20m * 10m. Padel court is distributed in the center by a net but is enclosed by walls and should be a blue, green, or terracotta.

Players: Only Doubles can play Padel games as Padel must be played between two pairs of players.

The ball:The balls utilized are nearly similar with just low pressure.

The padel rackets: Unlike a Tennis racket. the Padel racket is smaller than a tennis tacquet and is largely simpler to manage. It is also prepared from composite materials with a perforated surface that is constructed to enable airflow. Its face is 26cm * 29cm and its whole size is 45cm.

Scoring system: It is similar to tennis. Players play Padel as the best of three sets, each of which contains six games. Points are as follow: 15, 30, 40 and game.

Indoor padel Dubai with Just padel rackets

2.The aim of the Game

Padel aims to gain two out of the three sets that comprise a match.

Every pair must work defeat the rival pair. And since the court is tinier than the Tennis court and is enclosed, players must keep a rapid movement.

3.Padel Rules

  • How to win: Six games are required to win a set. The team has to win two sets in order to win the match. The winners of two out of the three sets will be announced the winner.

  • A Draw: If the total gets to 6-6, the players play a tiebreak. Tiebreaks continue till reaching 7 points, with a two-point difference. Meaning that you continue playing when the score is 7-6 until either team has a two-point ahead over the rival team.

  • Serving: Each match starts with service and the first server is determined by flipping a coin before the match.The First serve is played underhanded and from the right side, and after that changes from left to right each following point. Which mist be passed successfully into the opponent’s court.

  • The opposition wins a point in case:

    • The ball jumps twice
    • Tha ball hits you or a teammate
    • Tha ball strikers the wire fencing or another unit before getting on over the net or the opponent’s side (ranked as out bounds).