Just Padel: tips to improve your skills in padel

Tips to improve your skills when play padel
As a Padel fanatic, why not upscale your skills and climb to the mastery level of the game. Here are 10 tips to shape your skills in Padel.

Maintain a good fitness

Being in good shape makes a huge difference in your performance. Embrace a more healthy lifestyle and cut loose with any bad unhealthy habits. This way you will notice the improvement in your performance whether your speed, jumps, strength, or endurance.

Work on your coordination

Coordination is crucial when playing Padel.
You have to make every part of your body knows exactly what to do.
Starting from your hands, arms, knees, to your legs. Every part is important and you need to control each of them in the right way at the right time.

Work on enhancing your performance with these 5 exercises to improve your reaction time.

Master your defense

You have to work on your defensive strategy, which requires you to play simple and observe your opponent to understand his technique.
You need to master how to react to difficult attacks so you can feel confident to turn the situation to your benefit.

Master your attack

You have to also master your attack so you can put some pressure on your opponent. Be patient and wait for opportunities to move your opponent in difficult positions. Also, observe their body position to anticipate their next move, and be ready for it!

Play on both sides

Don’t have one favorite side, rather you should make all sides your favorite ones.
Play on both sides and always switch positions. This way you will be comfortable at any position and you will play with the same skill.

Record yourself

To have a clear idea of your performance, you can ask a friend to record you while you play.
After the match, try to evaluate your performance and detect your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you a lot in improving your techniques.

Play against better players

Challenge yourself by playing against more skilled players with a higher level.
By doing this, you will always push yourself to give your best. Also, you will learn a lot of new tactics and techniques from your rivals.

Always switch rivals

Even if your rivals are very skilled, you should always switch to different couples.
Why? Well eventually you will learn all their tactics, and thus you will no longer feel in the competition or the need to give your best. You already know their next moves by heart!

Watch and learn

In addition to practice, you also need to learn by watching!
Watch other matches and observe every detail, you will learn a lot from others’ mistakes and successes.

Play more

All the things you learned by watching and observing should be implemented on the field
As they say, practice makes perfect. Therefore, you should play Padel more often and be more dedicated to your practice.

The bottom line

These tips cover tactical, physical, and even psychological aspects of the game that every player should follow in their training process.

Be consistent and make your evolution a great one!

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