Just Padel: 5 common beginners mistakes in Padel

5 Common Beginners Mistakes in Play Padel
As a new Padel player, you may have made a few beginners mistakes unintentionally that cost you lots of points. In this blog, you will get to know the 5 most common beginners mistakes in Padel and how you can solve them to achieve better performance.

How to hold the racket

One key thing you can miss as a beginner is how to position your hand on the racket in the right way.

A wrong grip can cause you injuries or lead you to make too much effort in vain. On the other hand, a correct grip will allow you to avoid mistakes and will definitely facilitate most shots.

The Padel grip is a very important part of mastering the game. So try to get used to the continental grip as soon as possible.nIt may be one of the most difficult aspects to master in Padel at the beginning, but all you need is practice and patience.

Not controlling your whole body

Another beginner’s mistake in padel is being stiff and not controlling your body coordination.

Padel demands flexibility in the movement of the upper and lower part of the body.

However, some beginners may face a rigid body position or difficulty in body parts coordination.
Instead, unlock your stiff body by using your legs and arms in harmony. This can be achieved by some practice.

Follow these easy lower and upper body exercises you can do at home!

Wrong body posture

You may not have a stiff body position, but you may have the wrong posture!

Beginners usually focus on hitting the ball no matter how their body position is.
For instance, the knees position is a very important aspect by itself. Beginners usually tend to hit the ball without bending their knees.
In addition, they tend to end their backs a lot, which can lead to back and neck pain.
Therefore, the wrong body posture will make you struggle in making those shots and can harm your body in the long term.

Moving randomly in the court

A common mistake beginners make in padel is moving incorrectly in the court, or not moving at all!

In Padel, there is always a defending and attacking situation, and your movement pattern can determine your situation in the game.

For instance, not managing your space, playing from the bottom, or never attacking from the net will only make you stuck in defense and never putting any stress on your opponent.
For that, the sooner you understand how to adjust between defense and attack, the more you reach higher performance.

Learn the basic court position and start moving correctly in your area.

Just hitting the ball

The “Power is Nothing Without Control”.

Similarly, hitting the ball in Padel is not merely about power, but also about controlling the direction of your shot.

Beginners usually focus on just hitting the ball with no attention to the technique of their shots.

Pay extra attention to this aspect and practice more on controlling the direction of your strokes.
Start hitting smart and not hard!

The bottom line

These are the 5 common beginners mistakes in Padel.

Start playing on the right track by making these needed adjustments in your performance, so you can control your body, your space, and your game!

Practice makes perfect! Book your court now across Dubai with Just Padel.

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