How to Earn Points in Padel as a Beginner?

How to Win Points in Padel as a Beginner?

Padel, the exhilarating blend of tennis and squash, has captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts worldwide. As a beginner stepping onto the padel court, understanding the scoring dynamics is crucial for an enjoyable and competitive game. In this guide, we’ll unravel the strategies and techniques to earn points effectively and elevate your prowess in the thrilling world of padel.

The Basics of Padel Scoring

1. Understanding the Court:

Before delving into scoring, familiarize yourself with the padel court. Identify the service boxes, the no-volley zone (kitchen), and the boundaries. A sound understanding of the court layout lays the foundation for strategic play.

2. Serve and Return:

Padel follows a rotational system, with each team having two chances to serve. The server initiates the point by hitting the ball underhand, bouncing it off the ground, and aiming to land it within the opponent’s service box diagonally. The receiving team must return the ball, ensuring it bounces in the opponent’s service box.

3. Scoring System:

Padel employs a straightforward scoring system, similar to tennis. Points are counted as follows:

  • Zero points: “Love”
  • 15 points: “15”
  • 30 points: “30”
  • 40 points: “40”
  • Game: The team scoring four points first wins the game.

Strategies for Earning Points

1. Master the Serve:

A precisely delivered submission can set the mood for the entire point. Aim for consistency and accuracy, placing the ball strategically to make it challenging for your opponents to return. 

2. Utilize the Walls:

One of the unique aspects of the padel is the use of walls. Skilfully bouncing the ball off the walls can catch opponents off guard. Experiment with different angles to create opportunities for winning shots.

3. Net Play:

Effective net play is a game-changer in Padel. Practice volleys and smashes to gain control of the point at the net. Be mindful of the no-volley zone and time your shots to perfection.

4. Team Communication:

Coordination with your partner is pivotal. Develop signals and strategies to communicate effectively on the court. Anticipate your partner’s movements and work together to outmaneuver the opposing team.

5. Exploit Weaknesses:

Observe your opponents closely. Identify weaknesses in their game, whether it’s a struggle with high volleys or difficulty returning serves. Tailor your strategy to exploit these weaknesses and gain a competitive edge.

6. Stay Agile:

Padel is a dynamic sport that demands agility and quick reflexes. Stay on your toes, be ready to move swiftly across the court, and adapt your game plan based on the flow of the match.



As a beginner in padel, mastering the art of earning points requires technical skills, strategic thinking, and effective communication with your partner. By understanding the basics of scoring, honing your serve, and adopting intelligent strategies, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable padel player. Embrace the learning process, stay enthusiastic, and enjoy the thrilling journey of earning points on the padel court.

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