8 Best Padel Rackets in 2022

8 Best Padel Rackets in 2022

Many youngsters play padel sport in the padel courts like on our indoor padel Dubai, but they do not know the best padel rackets. So, if you are looking for the best padel rackets containing all the top-class properties to enhance your game then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will take a look at the 8 best padel rackets in 2022. 

1. Bullpadel Hack 03

It is one of the finest Bullpadel rackets in 2022 which is specifically designed for attack players. It has a large diamond mold in addition to the slightly high balance to gain significant punch but without sacrificing control. A player can also adapt his balance according to his needs. This new pedal racket from Bullpadel has improved handling and stability characteristics, providing more control in hitting.

2. Babolat Veron Counter

The Babolat Veron Counter is one of the best padel rackets that has an exceptional mixture of speed and precision. This top-class racket is very stable with a large impact surface that gives the player a good advantage to return hard strokes from his opponent. It weighs 350 grams and its frame is made up of carbon while the impact surface is made of carbon flex. 

3. Babolat Air Viper

The new Juan Lebrón de Babolat racket has become one of Babolat’s best-selling padel rackets in 2022.  It is manufactured in the shape of a diamond and is quite easy to handle. The Babolat Air Viper has an X-EVA core that combines different densities to give bigger output on slow balls without losing power when hitting. It is purely made up of carbon and 16k fabric. 

4. Babolat Viper Counter

It is also one of the finest products of Babolat Rackets and its impact surface is made up of 3 layers of carbon. Babolat Viper Counter is a good padel racket with a lot of power. Its textured carbon impact surface gives explosiveness and excellent spin. It gives good control and weighs 365 grams. 

5. Drop Shot Kiwoko

The Drop Shot Kiwoko Padel Racket is a good choice for a beginner player. It has a big round head shape which gives a clean feel to every shot. This padel racket is made with EVA Soft Foam to lessen vibrations and it also has a weight of 350 grams so, that can handle it comfortably. 

6. Wilson Ultra Elite v2

The new Wilson Ultra Elite v2 is also one best padel rackets in 2022 and it is quite improved from its previous model. It has a large impact surface that generates a lot of speed. Although it is a diamond-shaped racket it has balance in the center, which gives better control to the player it weighs 361g and the impact surface is made up of Carbon fiberglass composite while the core is made of soft EVA foam. 

7. Dunlop Speed Ultra

The Dunlop Speed Ultra has good control with lots of spin weighting 365g. It has a textured impact surface made up of Pro Eva Core that gives the ball a spin if you hit it just right. It also has a graphite frame that makes the racket light and provides a nice balance between control and speed.

8. Adidas RX 200 Light

Adidas RX 200 Light is an excellent racket that is lightweight and very fast through the air. It has an even balance and gives you greater control over your shots. It weighs 355g and allows you to move quickly through the air. 


We hope that after reading our article, you will renew your old padel rackets with one of our recommendations. For more details, visit our website or book NOW your padel court!

What are the Padel terms you need to know?

What are the Padel terms you need to know?

Padel is a racket sport that is played in doubles, indoors or outdoors but professionally, it is played on a padel court. Players use a lot of completely different padel phrases. In this article, we will tell you what are the pedal phrases in the words you must need to know. 



Forehand is a groundstroke that is played by swinging the racket all around one’s physique with the hand moving palm-first in a panel court. The forehand is of two types a topspin forehand and a Flat forehand


it is a shot in which the palm is turned toward the body and the back of the hand moved in the direction of the shot. The two-hand backhand is a type of backhand that is played with two hands.


it is a shot that travels more or less parallel to and together with the aspect glass. This shot is shifting of the ball to the opponent’s side in which the projectile is sent parallel to the sideline of the court. 


It is a difficult, straight shot that is mostly played from mid-court to mid-court and is a fast, flat, powerful counter-attacking shot. Drive can be both a backhanded and forehanded shot and when it is played correctly, a player can force his opponent to hit an upward return.

Drop shot:

This shot is played with great technique and strategy. The player gently hits the ball just over the nets so that the opposition player cannot reach the ball and misses it. 


In Spanish, the word Bandeja means tray which is why the technique of the shot looks as if you have been holding just a few glasses on your racket. This is a difficult shot and you can watch videos on the Internet to see how to play Bandeja.  

Floor stroke: 

A stroke is made after the ball has bounced and touched the padel court.


a shot hit simply because the ball bounces. It is a strategically played shot on a very low bounce in the padel court


in a padel court, this is a shot that is hit above the hitter’s head and referred to as an overhead. This stroke can be hit with a big amount of force. 


The player hits the ball high and deep into the opponent’s court in this shot. In this shot, A Lob shot can be used both as an offensive or defensive shot.

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Super Panoramic Court

It is considered to be the most premium and aesthetically appealing Padel court model in the world. Full Panoramic views, without structural elements in the glass areas, offering a spectacular interior and exterior view, both for the player and the spectator.

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Just Padel: 5 common beginners mistakes in Padel

5 Common Beginners Mistakes in Play Padel
As a new Padel player, you may have made a few beginners mistakes unintentionally that cost you lots of points. In this blog, you will get to know the 5 most common beginners mistakes in Padel and how you can solve them to achieve better performance.

How to hold the racket

One key thing you can miss as a beginner is how to position your hand on the racket in the right way.

A wrong grip can cause you injuries or lead you to make too much effort in vain. On the other hand, a correct grip will allow you to avoid mistakes and will definitely facilitate most shots.

The Padel grip is a very important part of mastering the game. So try to get used to the continental grip as soon as possible.nIt may be one of the most difficult aspects to master in Padel at the beginning, but all you need is practice and patience.

Not controlling your whole body

Another beginner’s mistake in padel is being stiff and not controlling your body coordination.

Padel demands flexibility in the movement of the upper and lower part of the body.

However, some beginners may face a rigid body position or difficulty in body parts coordination.
Instead, unlock your stiff body by using your legs and arms in harmony. This can be achieved by some practice.

Follow these easy lower and upper body exercises you can do at home!

Wrong body posture

You may not have a stiff body position, but you may have the wrong posture!

Beginners usually focus on hitting the ball no matter how their body position is.
For instance, the knees position is a very important aspect by itself. Beginners usually tend to hit the ball without bending their knees.
In addition, they tend to end their backs a lot, which can lead to back and neck pain.
Therefore, the wrong body posture will make you struggle in making those shots and can harm your body in the long term.

Moving randomly in the court

A common mistake beginners make in padel is moving incorrectly in the court, or not moving at all!

In Padel, there is always a defending and attacking situation, and your movement pattern can determine your situation in the game.

For instance, not managing your space, playing from the bottom, or never attacking from the net will only make you stuck in defense and never putting any stress on your opponent.
For that, the sooner you understand how to adjust between defense and attack, the more you reach higher performance.

Learn the basic court position and start moving correctly in your area.

Just hitting the ball

The “Power is Nothing Without Control”.

Similarly, hitting the ball in Padel is not merely about power, but also about controlling the direction of your shot.

Beginners usually focus on just hitting the ball with no attention to the technique of their shots.

Pay extra attention to this aspect and practice more on controlling the direction of your strokes.
Start hitting smart and not hard!

The bottom line

These are the 5 common beginners mistakes in Padel.

Start playing on the right track by making these needed adjustments in your performance, so you can control your body, your space, and your game!

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Just Padel: tips to improve your skills in padel

Tips to improve your skills when play padel rackets
As a Padel fanatic, why not upscale your skills and climb to the mastery level of the game. Here are 10 tips to shape your skills in Padel.

Maintain a good fitness

Being in good shape makes a huge difference in your performance. Embrace a more healthy lifestyle and cut loose with any bad unhealthy habits. This way you will notice the improvement in your performance whether your speed, jumps, strength, or endurance.

Work on your coordination

Coordination is crucial when playing Padel.
You have to make every part of your body knows exactly what to do.
Starting from your hands, arms, knees, to your legs. Every part is important and you need to control each of them in the right way at the right time.

Work on enhancing your performance with these 5 exercises to improve your reaction time.

Master your defense

You have to work on your defensive strategy, which requires you to play simple and observe your opponent to understand his technique.
You need to master how to react to difficult attacks so you can feel confident to turn the situation to your benefit.

Master your attack

You have to also master your attack so you can put some pressure on your opponent. Be patient and wait for opportunities to move your opponent in difficult positions. Also, observe their body position to anticipate their next move, and be ready for it!

Play on both sides

Don’t have one favorite side, rather you should make all sides your favorite ones.
Play on both sides and always switch positions. This way you will be comfortable at any position and you will play with the same skill.

Record yourself

To have a clear idea of your performance, you can ask a friend to record you while you play.
After the match, try to evaluate your performance and detect your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you a lot in improving your techniques.

Play against better players

Challenge yourself by playing against more skilled players with a higher level.
By doing this, you will always push yourself to give your best. Also, you will learn a lot of new tactics and techniques from your rivals.

Always switch rivals

Even if your rivals are very skilled, you should always switch to different couples.
Why? Well eventually you will learn all their tactics, and thus you will no longer feel in the competition or the need to give your best. You already know their next moves by heart!

Watch and learn

In addition to practice, you also need to learn by watching!
Watch other matches and observe every detail, you will learn a lot from others’ mistakes and successes.

Play more

All the things you learned by watching and observing should be implemented on the field
As they say, practice makes perfect. Therefore, you should play Padel more often and be more dedicated to your practice.

The bottom line

These tips cover tactical, physical, and even psychological aspects of the game that every player should follow in their training process.

Be consistent and make your evolution a great one!

Just Padel launches 7-court indoor Padel facility in Mina Rashid, Dubai

Just Padel Mina Rashid Dubai, with 7 stunning indoor Padel court
Padel has been considered one of the fastest growing sport in the world and it’s popularity in the UAE is no exception.

Just Padel has recently launched its state-of-the-art Padel facility in Mina Rashid, Dubai with 7 stunning indoor Padel courts.

The facility has had a great response and the management staff makes sure that you have a fantastic Padel experience. The whole atmosphere is fun and lively with players of different age groups interacting with each other and growing the Padel community in Dubai and the UAE. The location of this facility is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

The indoor facility is air conditioned with LED lighting systems, music and is equipped with washrooms, lounge/rest areas and provisions for beverages. There is also ample car parking spaces available along with wheelchair accessibility. There are plans to include more amenities soon.

The seamless court booking system along with the provision of rackets and balls for rentals helps the facility to accommodate 28 players at once. As a part of its promotions, Just Padel is also offering free exciting merchandises for players who book the court and play for more than one hour!

The Just Padel facility at Mina Rashid is operational from 6:00 AM to 3:00 AM which offers players numerous booking slots to choose from. It also has a dedicated schedule only for women on Tuesdays, Sundays from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM and on Saturday from 6:00 AM – 12:45 PM.

The rackets which are rented by the players are sanitised by the housekeeping after each session to adhere to the Covid guidelines, and they also ensure that the facility remains spotlessly clean at all times.

To book and enjoy your Padel session at Mina Rashid, click here.

For additional information, you can reach out to our Mina Rashid customer care on +971 45463800

How can Padel benefit you?

Benefits of Play padel for players

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re still young or you want to start your Padel journey at a senior age. Padel adapts to its players and it is fun and suitable for all ages.

In this article, you’ll get to know the benefits of Padel in your life.

1. It gets rid of your stress

You may be burdened with problems, work, routine, or pending tasks. Yet, through playing Padel you will disconnect from all sources of stress and worries. You will purge yourself from all the toxic emotions. Now it is just about you and the game.

2. It makes your reflexes faster

Padel is about coordination and reflexes. Playing Padel regularly makes you more skilled in coordinating your body movement with your reflexes, and through every exercise, you build upon those qualities.

3. It preserves your health

Playing Padel will boost your muscles, especially the muscles on your legs and back. It will also reinforce your shape and help you feel energetic and healthy in your daily life. It also maintains your heart since practicing this game persistently will help you strengthen and protect your heart.

4. It boosts your self-discipline and commitment

Padel will impact you to be more committed and disciplined by yourself. You will be the one to set your own objectives and you will learn how to accomplish them through persistence. You will be responsible to do your part of the game in the best way possible since your team depends on you. This commitment and self-discipline towards the game will become part of your daily habit too.

5. You experience a real teamwork

Padel is a sport for doubles. That’s why your efforts alone during the game will not pay off. All the work should be in harmony with your partner to attain the best results.

You will learn when to act and when to depend on your partner, and you will learn to communicate better and act as part of a team.

6. You will always have fun

Padel is very fun as a social sport. Regardless of your level, padel will make you laugh and enjoy your time at each game.

You can easily find people to play with. Whether colleagues, friends, family, or complete strangers. With padel, you can meet new people and enjoy an extra time of fun.

This is how a Padel player lives his life. Making Padel a part of your routine will impact you and bring you a continuous physical and mental evolution.

Why should you try Padel Tennis?

Why should you try Padel Tennis?

Playing Padel tennis is not rocket science, it is an easy and fun sport.

It’s easy to learn

Padel tennis is easy to learn and master. It demands less physical effort than tennis or racquetball. Its racquet is easy to hold and its court is smaller and more practical. You can quickly learn and improve your skills, and why not master the game!

It’s flexible for everyone

Padel is an intergenerational game and is accessible to everyone of all ages. No matter your age, Padel is ageless. This sport brings together seniors, adults, teenagers, or children. Everyone can play in their own flow. You can enjoy a fun game with your grandparents, parents, friends and even your kids

It bonds people together

Padel Tennis is also a social sport and very entertaining. It is played in doubles. While playing, players can enjoy social conversations as an essential part of the game. You can bond your relationships with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Padel tennis is not just a game, Padel is people.

Available Anytime

We want everyone to enjoy Padel! Our Padel courts are all across Dubai, and available all week. Whenever you want to play, our Padel courts are there for you!