What is the golden point in Padel?

Gold Point in Padel

The golden point in Padel took effect in 2020 after the World Padel Tour sought a way to make the game more entertaining. It’s also referred to as the sudden death. The system was first used in Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master (February-March 2020). The crucial point determines who wins the game. The main reason behind the scoring system is to make the game more appealing to fans. It also taught and added more tension to the teams/players when playing Padel. 

The International Padel Federation and World Padel Tour incorporate new rules to make the Padel game more exciting. 

How do you win the golden point?

When watching or playing Padel, the golden point comes into play to break a tie in the game. It could be in case of a deuce (40-40) or the two rivals are tied on three points.

The players only need to win one point rather than using the advantage system requiring players to secure two points consecutively. 

Once there’s a tie in the game, the stakes are higher, with only a single point needed to secure victory. Padel players need to choose the perfect strategy to earn the golden point. All this turns into dramatic and high-octane moments for the fans watching it unfold. 

The most intriguing part involves the receiving players who must choose the side to receive the service. They have to decide whether it is on the right or left side of the field. Once selected, it is against the rules to change the receiving position.

The team that scores the point that ties the game becomes the serving team. The main drawback of serving is the other teams can force the serving team to use their weak side. However, the serving side does have an advantage. The receiving side must return service to its original spots. 

The rules of earning the regular points also apply to the golden point. The side that secures the point wins and ends the game.

What is the maximum number of golden points in Padel?

A padel match can have a maximum of 36 golden points. It could occur where all sets of a game end in a draw and a winner needs to be decided via the new scoring system. The chances that such a game could take place are very low.

The golden-point rule applied by the competitors while they play Padel contributes to shortening the time of a match with many tie-breaks. The advantage system framework is less dramatic because two points are required to win the game. This often causes a long match as players struggle to get two consecutive points.

What is the best strategy to play the golden point in Padel?

The golden point is the most defining moment in the Padel game. It determines who wins, and mastering a good strategy increases the probability of coming out victorious.

Several things can affect a team’s mentality, during the preparation for the golden point. These include the time in the game, the opponent’s team, your opponent’s aggressive and weak points, and whether you are serving or receiving.

It’s best to pressure the serving player during the return service. The golden point can yield a positive result when executed to perfection. A team should not gamble with the first serve (whether serving or returning) because it can influence the final score. 

Some players like to prepare for the golden point by practicing a few moves they can use to their advantage. Mastering a few moves can sway the Padel game in their favor.

The golden point adds more entertainment to Padel matches. The World Padel Tour amends the rules periodically to keep the fans engaged and grow the game. The golden point is an innovative rule that creates more magical moments while shortening the duration of matches.